Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon and Palau – Rod MacDonald talk


Dundee Sub Aqua Club and the University of Dundee Sub Aqua Club are proud to announce a talk by Rod Macdonald. Rod began diving in the early 1980’s and developed an interest in shipwrecks following a trip to Scapa Flow. He published his first book in 1990, ‘Dive Scapa Flow’, and has since published a further 8 books on diving and shipwrecks around the world.

The talk will be on Truk Lagoon where an air assault by the US on the Japanese naval stronghold during WWII sunk many of the Japanese merchant fleet and many naval vessels. Truk Lagoon has almost 50 major shipwrecks and Rod will talk about some of the history and what it’s like to dive there. More recently Rod has been diving in Palau which was attacked using the same approach as that adopted for Truk Lagoon. He is currently in the final stages of writing a book on diving Palau which he hopes to publish in October 2015.

Please come along to what will be a fascinating talk on both diving and also the Japanese fleet attacked during WWII. Rod will be available to chat afterwards and will no doubt be happy to answer questions. For more information on Rod please visit his website here.

The talk is open to everyone and if you would like to advertise it around your local club or organisation please download a copy of our poster here. For making a donation to the RNLI and for ordering tickets please click on the PayPal link.

We’ll take a note of your name and add it to the list, no physical tickets will be issued.

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