Loch Long – Torpedo Range

The Loch Long Torpedo Range operated from 1912 to 1986 and more than 12,000 torpedoes were tested there during the second world war.  We’d heard about people diving to see the torpedoes and seen a few videos of them but never knew exactly where they were.
Based on very vague directions, we picked a spot and decided to go have a look. Over the course of two Sundays, James, Callum, Ryan and Ken found huge stacks of batteries, random junk and torpedoes laying on their sides and at least four torpedoes standing totally vertical about 4m high!

The torpedo range was decommissioned around 1980 and most of the buildings have been demolished but they used to fire battery powered, wire guided torpedoes from two tubes underneath the testing station. The torpedoes were supposedly unarmed.

Here are a few video clips of what we found.





You can read more about the torpedo testing station here:




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