Lanzarote Dive Trip, May 2017

Brian, Veronica and myself decided to do Lanzarote for a dive week. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen problems before the time of booking my week would be a difficult one. I needed to dive on Nitrox and my knee was not in a good way.

We were to dive with Safari Diving in Lanzarote, but they did not have nitrox to dive. So we went on the hunt on our first day for a dive centre that would offer dives on nitrox and assist with my knee.

We found Island Watersports Lanzarote.                                                                                                              They offered nitrox and help for myself. So then we booked with them.

Day One Lanzarote


Our first dive was to be a shore dive, like most for that week.

It Playa Del Carmen we dove from for most part. The dive started out great as we got our weights sorted and then off we went. First on the list of creatures we seen was an Angel shark and Sting ray.




We proceeded to enjoy the first dive and seen many a creature and fish. Water was great and clear and the temp was a chilly 20 centigrade!!!

Our second dive was as rich as the first with life!

We came across a Torpedo ray sleeping, on octopus holding up in a hole and a cuttlefish to name a few.





Again our dive was another warm and clear one. So much to see and not enough time to do!

Day Two Lanzarote

Day two came around, we seemed to have been sunburnt a little from our walk about trying to find a suitable dive centre the day before.

We were picked up like each day on our trip by Ian our dive guide and soon to be good friend. When we arrived at the centre, we gathered our gear and kitted up for another blast of a dive. This time it was to be a little deeper for  Brian and Vee. Due to my PFO I was limited to 20m max. So all I could do is watch and enjoy.

Barracuda, Angel Sharks, Grouper, Sea Slugs and so much more to be seen today!!




Enjoying this was now being realized by the warmth and clarity of the dives. The wild life was just amazing and dangerous if not careful. But as always there is one who gets too close and suffers. This time it was myself, with a Sea Urchin. Spiked my fingers and was ouch! ‘The spines come out by themselves’, as I was told by the local pharmacy!

Dive two of day two was nothing to be sniffed at! We did go looking for Sea Horses but found none on this dive. We did however find more Angel Sharks and a few unpuffed Puffer Fish. One lonely Crab in a shell and more fish than you could shake a stick at!

Brian was amazed as he had never seen Angel sharks and Rays before here, and on each dive he seen at least one of each. Bargain!!!!






Day Three Lanzarote

We proceeded to get our dive on again. Vee did not join us on todays dive, so we decided to make our second dive of the day a night dive. But first, our first dive of the day, we thought we would head out and see if we could find any Sea Horses again. And what did we find!! A baby one but hard to see and find. Ian did his best and a dang great job to spot this little fella!




Last picture there is Brian down at 30ish meters looking to snap a great shot of an Angel Shark but also being followed but a hungry Grouper. Shame the lad had nothing to eat so when off in the huff.

Our night dive was brilliant, as I am still getting to grips with my camera, most if not all of my night dive pictures were bad and blury but these ones came a treat. Baby Octopus, swimming Rays, and Lion Fish to name but a few.




And so ended day three diving with Vee very unhappy that we seen a baby Sea Horse. But thems the breaks or so they say!

Day four came around and this was to be my final day diving due to my PFO giving me trouble after my last dive! Just to keep you happy, nothing bad just a horrible headache. I decided not to chance anymore and decompress for the rest of the holiday.

Day Four Lanzarote

So day four was to be the Atlantic Museum in Lanzarote, on our second dive. As I had missed the one in Mexico, I was not going to miss this one! Our first dive on beach access at Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca. This was going to be an interesting dive as Vee had an enterage of fish hidding under her from the Barracuda and then while on the bottom we had a massive shoal of fish come in from no where and just let us take mass amounts of pictures of them!






And on to the museum. This I was waiting for. The idea of statues underwater was weird but turned out to be one of the best dives ever!

We did a short drive to the harbour at Playa Blanca, and had to wait a wee while as one boat was broken and the second was out with divers, so we soaked up the sun and waited happily. When the boat arrived we kitted up and boarded the large rib and set off. Arriving at the bouy that marked the enterance to the museum, we rolled off and decended.

Think I will let the pictures do the talking…..









Day Five Lanzarote

And so that ended my diving, but Brian went on to do another two dives with my camera and produeced some cracking pictures on day five.





I want to thank Brian and Veronica for their help and their company on this Lanzarote  trip, was mental mad as usual, but a blast!! Also want to thank again Island Watersports’ Iain Irving our dive guide and Marie Donnohue for making it a superb dive trip!



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