Isle of May dive report 07/04/13

The truth about the seal encounter revealed…………….

Lewis and I had been diving for about 30mins when we decided that our fingers were no longer working and it was time to head for the surface. At about 12m I caught a glimpse of a bull seal but thought nothing more of it.

After the safety stop we surfaced and I was greeted by a trembling Lewis with what I thought was a flooded mask……..but no, they were tears. The seal had been biting his fins at the safety stop. I then turned round to be greeted by the sight of the bull seal about 5 feet away staring at us! Due to the boat picking Gordon and Alistair up we were left for about 10 minutes with the seal circling us before diving down to have a quick nip at mine and Lewis’s fins, repeating this until the boat came over. The boat meanwhile was wondering why there were now 3 ‘divers’ heads before realising it was a seal!

A fantastic dive but Lewis and I were beginning to wonder how many people had been attacked by seals and died before being picked up by the boat. Gordon, Alistair and I tried a second dive but the vis was rubbish which meant the rest didn’t bother. Truth be told I think they were all in fear for the return of ‘Billy the bull seal’.


Replace the penguin with either myself or Lewis and this was a portal into our mind waiting for the boat.

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