What will it cost to join?

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  • The joining fee for new members, without any previous dive qualifications, is £406. Included in this price are:
    • The annual fee for BSAC (£57.50) and DSAC (£100).
    • The pool hire for training or equipment tests on Monday evenings.
    • Free hire of professionally serviced equipment for pool training and open water training.
    • Training to Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader levels.
    • Internationally recognised qualification certificates
    • BSAC Member Benefits

In subsequent years only DSAC and BSAC fees are payable.

Already Qualified

If you already have a diving qualification with another agency then you are most welcome to join DSAC, whether you would like to progress with your training through BSAC qualifications or just continue to dive at your current level.

If you would like to join and continue to progress with BSAC qualifications then cross-over courses are available depending on your current qualification and our joining fees adjusting accordingly. Information on equivalent qualifications can be found here.

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