Do I need a medical?

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The requirement for evidence of medical fitness to dive within the UK Sport Diving agencies (British Sub Aqua Club, Scottish Sub Aqua Club and the Sub Aqua Association) is met by the Self-certification process recommended by the UK Sports Diving Medical Committee (UKSDMC), an advisory body comprising doctors who specialise in diving medicine. These recommendations are as a result of a study undertaken by Dr S Glen and his colleagues at Edinburgh University involving all the members (around 3000) of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (SSAC) and publication of this study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The UKSDMC therefore recommend that a new medical self-declaration form be completed annually by each member on renewal of membership. This form is a legal document and the signed declaration confirms that the declaration is truthful. If a diver answers ‘No’ to all questions on the form they complete the declaration and hand the original to their DO to be held by the branch for one year. They need to retain a copy for the Qualification Record Books for reference purposes. If a diver answers ‘Yes’ or is unsure on any area, they should not sign the form but must seek advice from a Medical Referee.

The BSAC Self Declaration Form can be found here:

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