Where does the club go diving?

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We dive all over Scotland. The sheltered sea lochs on the west coast can be dived in almost any weather so are frequently visited during winter months. We also regularly take our club boat (Tay Explorer) out to the Isle of May and many of the wrecks in the Firth of Forth. Oban, Sound of Mull, and Ullapool are some of the favourite destinations for longer trips.¬† Dive trips can be organised by any member so if you have a particular¬†place you’d like to dive it can probably be organised.

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I was instantly hooked on diving after doing a Trydive with DSAC in Sep 2009 and have loved diving all over Scotland ever since. I have always had a keen interest in marine biology and more recently underwater photography which allows me to record and ID the huge variety of life to be found in Scottish waters. [latestdive user="jamesL"]
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