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Well, this is the moment you have all been waiting for, the release of the 2014 DSAC clothing range! Over the last few months week’s days a team of designers have been working on this year’s summer and winter range. We now present our summer t-shirts and winter hoodies in a variety of eye catching and aspirational colours!

Colour is fundamental to everyday life, from traffic lights to milk carton labels in the supermarket and we have taken the philosophy to this range of practical outdoor clothing for the discerning club member. Inspiration has come from the environment we play in with ‘battleship grey’ for wreck addicts to the truly wonderful ‘sandy sand’ for those shore junkies! We have also added ‘Technical Black’ with an inspired grey logo to allow those who don’t want to stand out to stand out!

PLEASE ORDER NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT, the first 200 orders will receive a discount!! The RRP for this bespoke clothing line is £500 per clothing item BUT for 12 months only this has been reduced to an amazing £15 for a t-shirt or £25 a hoody. Want one of each? No problem! You can purchase a t-shirt AND hoody for the knockdown price of £40, a whopping £960 DISCOUNT on the RRP!!

Don’t be a geek get some chic!!!!! Buy a hoodie, or t-shirt, or both today to finally become a member of the cool kids!

Collection from Ancrum only!






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