Founded in 1968,  Dundee Sub-Aqua club (DSAC) is a branch of the internationally recognised, non-profit dive organisation BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club). We promote safe scuba diving to explore the diverse underwater world around Britain. Frequently organised trips take place all year round and encompass a wide variety of dive sites including scenic and wreck dives.

People new to the sport are trained at their own pace by BSAC qualified instructors. All teaching is in accordance with nationally assessed BSAC standards. Through the club, BSAC provides internationally recognised qualifications which can be used anywhere in the world. Further details of all the diver qualifications available through BSAC can be found on our Training page.

We are a club; that means we not a school, we are not a shop and we are not for profit. We are run by the members – for the members. This philosophy is at the very heart of DSAC.

Members have access to:

  • A range of club dive equipment including drysuits, dive computers, masks, fins, snorkels, BCDs, regulators, cylinders, weights & weight harnesses/belts, and other items used for training such as reels/SMBs.
  • A club compressor in our store which is regularly tested to ensure it is providing clean air fills. We also have a portable compressor which allows us to dive more remote areas.
  • Essential safety equipment such as Oxygen therapy kits, first aid kits, and an AED.
Tay Explorer
Tay Explorer

Joining DSAC

We are a friendly bunch and our door is always open to both new and experienced divers who would like to train and/or dive with us. If you are new to diving, then training via a club is the easiest, cheapest and friendliest way to learn. Most of our current members and instructors began their diving with an open try-dive session at the club before starting on the first formal course, Ocean Diver.

If you are completely new to diving then you would start with a TryDive, which is a taster session led by our experienced instructors in the Olympia pool. Following the trydive you will be invited to attend a presentation that will give an introduction to BSAC, DSAC, and training with us, after which the Ocean Diver course will begin.

We only run trydives and a new Ocean Diver course intake once a year in September/October. We do this so the theory and pool lessons can be completed over the winter months leading to the open water lessons being completed the following spring so you be qualified to dive by the summer.

To join DSAC you must be 18 or over and be able to complete the BSAC Medical Self Declaration Form.

What will it cost to join?

The joining fee for new members, without any previous dive qualifications, is £406. Included in this price are:

  • The annual fee for BSAC (£60.50) and DSAC (£100).
  • The pool hire for training or equipment tests on Monday evenings.
  • Free hire of professionally serviced equipment for pool training and open water training.
  • Training to Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader levels.
  • Internationally recognised qualification certificates
  • BSAC Member Benefits

In subsequent years only DSAC and BSAC fees are payable.

Already Qualified

If you already have a diving qualification with another agency then you are most welcome to join DSAC, whether you would like to progress with your training through BSAC qualifications or just continue to dive at your current level.

If you would like to join and continue to progress with BSAC qualifications then cross-over courses are available depending on your current qualification and our joining fees adjusting accordingly. Information on equivalent qualifications can be found here.

Get in Touch

For any queries regarding Trydives, training with DSAC, or Crossover qualifications then please email diving@dsac.co.uk.

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